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Monday, April 02, 2012

Logan Has A Nemesis

CYCL (Charlotte Youth Cycling League) had it's second race yesterday and it was a good showing.

To get to the point, Logan suffered his first second place finish at Youth Cycling yesterday. All other losses have been in races that include children 13 and under in lieu specific age group racing. Well yesterday that all changed... Logan got beat, by about a minute, by a Ty Gibbs. This kid raced some of the Renaissance Park races over the winter. In race #1 he lost to Logan by like 5 minutes. Every race after that he consistently got better and his final race was right in the same lap times as Logan. According to one of the parents at the race, Ty has been working with a trainer and really taking his racing seriously. His improvements show it and it is nice to now have some legitimate competition for Logan. BTW I am pretty sure that Ty is the Grandson of Joe Gibbs, NASCAR owner Joe Gibbs. I can say that Ty's FS Giant is nicer than any mtb that I have ever owned. Not that bikes are ever an excuse.
So, I spoke to Logan about taking it to the next level. My plan has been to allow Logan to just enjoy riding. He has solely relied on his talent thus far in races and no training has been involved. He wants me to start coaching him and see what happens. Today we are going to start a 3 day a week training program. This is going to consist of running, road riding, intervals, and pedal technique. I think his technical skills are pretty good and that he could really benefit from some fitness work. This is only an experiment because ultimately I just want him to enjoy the sport, but he is 10 and this is about the age that I started taking sports seriously.

I hope that Ty decides to show up at all the remaining races. I have been searching for this nemesis and it is good to finally have someone to restore balance to Logan's racing. All in all I think that they both will grow more knowing the other one is not slowing down.

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