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Monday, April 30, 2012

2012 Race to the River

It was time to throw down with the locals again...
Since my plans for the weekend fell apart due to marital requests, it left the weekend open for other things like racing.
So Logan and I show up at the race venue around 9am for a 10am start.  As we are starting to warm up I see his Nemesis, Ty Gibbs, rolling around the gazebo.  I let Logan know and I can immediately tell he has some fear in his eyes.  A few words of encouragements like, "this is your house", "you know where to attack, and where to rest", "your a bad ass".  Then they start getting lined up at the start.  There are 9 kids in his group and a couple of them are pretty big.  My guess is that there were 2-3 kids around 13 and everyone else was 11 or under.  BTW it is hilarious to hear the trash talk going on at the start of a race with a bunch of kids.  One kid was talking about climbing this mountain last weekend that was almost straight up.  Another one was said he hiked this whole 9 mile course earlier in the week.
They say go and Logan is 3rd or 4th in the woods.  I know he will not be back for about an hour, so now do I race or just support?  I decide to go ahead and put the kit on, pay my dues, and start the warm up.  I was feeling pretty crappy because I drank way too many beers the night before, but who really cares.  It is just a 17 mile race.  Just before the start, I see Logan finish and Heather is celebrating with him.  I can not tell what they are celebrating, but it looks good.  They say go and the 8 SSers are off.  I can tell in the first part of the fire road climb that I should have warmed up better, and this could be a painful day.  I was last going into the woods.  That has never happened before.  No big deal, still on their wheel.  First big turn and 7th place goes over his handle bars.  Luckily missed that one.  At the quick rocky / rooty climb, 5th crashes and takes out 6th.  Just like that I am now in 4th place.  1st place is really putting the gap on, so I just stick with the 3 man pack.  Comfortably in 4th place we come out of the connector and hit the first little climb after the bridge and I decide to attack before we get to the switchbacks or spider woman.  The attack sticks and now I am in 2nd.  The rest of the race was pretty uneventful.  Felt pretty good the whole time.  Never saw 1st place or 3rd place after spider woman.  Bart won with a time of 1:28.  I came in second with a time of 1:32.  Yeah, that is 4 minutes.  Everyone else was within a minute of each other.
So the first thing I want to know is how Logan did.  Turns out that he got 4th place with a time of 54:20.  First place was 51:31 and Ty Gibbs got 5th with a time of 58:50.  4 minutes and 30 seconds.  Nice job!  It was nice to see that he has some confidence restored and Ty is not some unbeatable force in his head.  From what I understand, they chatted up a bit.  We are going to have to get those boys up to Dupont for some riding.  
Results posted here:  http://www.southernclassicmtb.org/12_Results/SCS12_Race6.pdf

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