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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

PMBAR and Final CYCL

This past weekend was a good one!  You know its good when you are slap worn out on Sunday Night before the sun goes down.  
It started with a Friday morning trip to the Pisgah National Forest for some relaxation before the big day.  Jonathon had selected a fine camp site at the end of 225 and all we had to do was slowly prepare for tomorrow and enjoy some brew.  
Saturday came around and the normal preparation began, we arrived at the start/finish around 7:20, got our stuff together and then started the climb up Black.
The next 12 hours was just an excellent ride in the Mountains!  We went counter clockwise this year.  Avery, 225, Trace, Laurel, and Bradley.  Even though we ended with the hike up Turkey Pen, I would not have changed a thing.  The wonderful volunteers at Bradley had a keg and bean burritos.  If we would have went the other direction that would have meant we hit them first instead of last, when we needed it most.  
The hike up Turkey was forever and painful, but we rallied and railed down Black to the finish for a 27th place finish.  This is the first year of 7 that we got all 5 check points.
That is my favorite event of the year and I am already looking forward to the next one.  
Thank you Eric, Errina, and all the volunteers!
See link to garmin data below.

The next morning Logan had his final race in Charlotte for the CYCL.  This meant that I needed to get up, pack up the tent, and hit the road by 6:30am in order to meet them there.  
Logan won the race and the series.  It was his best time by over a minute.  He performed his signature disco dance finish while crossing the line and on the podium.  Quite funny.

Logan at the start (pic by Heather)

 On the trail
 Looking Good and fast.

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