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Monday, October 01, 2012


This weekend was the final for the CYMBL cycling series.  Logan has been racing up an age group 11-12 instead of 9-10 because he won that age group last year.  To recap, he won the first race by about a minute and the second race by a little under a minute.  This gave him a pretty good lead in the points series.  The race was held at Falling Creek Camp on some pretty tough, but well built trails.  It has a lot of elevation change, some rooty sections and quit a few tight switch backs.  I really thought the trail would fit Logan's strengths with all the climbing.  Little did we know that Cedric Clyburn came to race.  He had been closing in on Logan over the last two races.  He got third place in the first race and second place in the second race.  Saturday he showed up on his mom's Specialized Carbon Epic 29er.  That's right a 29er in the 11-12 race.  But the crazy thing is that he was not the only 11-12 year old on a 29er.  There was another kid on a Niner SS with carbon fork.  Cedric really took it to Logan on this race.  He won by 3 minutes and 3rd was another 3 minutes behind Logan.  Not taking anything from Cedric, but there is a big difference between a 24" Scott and a carbon FS 29er.  And if there are any doubters still out there about 29ers, just go watch one of these kids races.  You will forget what you think about size of rider, power, turning radius, or handling.  Bottom line is ride the biggest wheel you are comfortable with because it makes life better.  
Logan was a good loser...  He did not get upset, raced a hard race, and hung out with Cedric after the race. As a matter of fact they will be racing the Burn 24 next year with some other kids.  Name of the team "Are you faster than a 5th Grader?".  
He did win the Series and got a nice CamelPak, some medals, and good swag!  I am very proud of him and can't wait for the next season to start.  Thanks to all the volunteers, camps, and promoters.  This race atmosphere is really fun for the kids and they have a great time.  I think we may do more of the SERC series starting in the Spring.  BTW I started working on his new ride yesterday.  I am in the process of converting his mom's 26" Trek into a race machine.  Watch out!
Picture and video of race below.  You can see Cedric enter the woods in 4th and the Niner in 3rd.  

My B-Day was yesterday.  37!!! Creeping towards 40 real fast.  Hannah made me the picture below.  Short story is that I like to play Risk on the XBox.  Cute picture though and Eli thinks it is so cool that he is a Robot!

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