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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2012 CYMBL #1

CYMBL racing started back this past weekend.
Due to the fact that Logan won the 9-10 category last season when he was 9, I decided that he was moving up an age group this season.  He was not happy about this decision, but since I pay, drive, sponsor, and support it really did not matter.  Bottom line is that he will get more miles in the 11-12 category, it will make him race harder, and it is a opportunity for growth.  
Nonetheless, we got there and did a quick warm up lap.  Found out that Shrimper was the architect of these trails and it is some very nice single track.  Laps came out to about 1.3 miles.  
Logan lined up at the front of the pack, got the hole shot, and then he was in the woods.  Our warm up lap took about 9 minutes, so I was figuring 7-8 minute laps.  That first lap seemed to take forever as I am always nervous for him.  Sure enough, he comes out the woods about 8 minutes from the start and he is in 1st place.    Less than 1 minute later 2nd and 3rd place come through.  
It pretty much stayed that way all the way through the race.  Results below.

I am very proud of his accomplishments and he is becoming a much better winner.  Nice to see him go around to second and third place congratulating them.  

Afterwards, he stuck road around the course the heckle the 15-16s.  I could hear him up in the woods yelling PEDAL in P111 fashion.  

 Spider Man showed up for the Under 6 race.  You got to love kids.  He apparently wears these so much that his bottoms were wore out.  I can imagine the conversation earlier in the morning and it looks like his Mom lost.

 Podium shot.  Logan is considerably smaller than his competition.
I was not sure what the bow and arrow pose was all about.  Then he tells me about the Olympics.  Apparently he is a Usain Bolt fan.  Fastest Man on the Planet.
Now that is pretty funny.

Next Race 9/8.  Stay tuned.

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